Hey there, reader! Thank you for visiting! I’m L.C., creator of Adulting Amy. Below I answer some common questions I have gotten about writing.

Where did the idea come from?

The idea to write a webcomic originated during senior year in college, when web comic publishing was also entering into maturity. I was exposed to Wapsi Square and Something Positive, and after reading was like…”hey, I can kinda draw, I wanna make comics on the interwebz too!” These comics inspired me to document the odd situations and people I encountered during my college years, through the lens of an average college girl named “Amy” and her gansta ass cat Tyrome Jamal (aka TJ). I even drew a few strips by hand with a pencil and sharpie, with the intention to scan and upload on the web. But then I graduated and had to adult for realz, so project fell by the wayside. The original strips are probably sitting in my mom’s basement…somewhere…

Why Adulting Amy?

Around my 10-year college reunion mark, I decided to try and re-boot some of my creative projects I had in my youth. Yet, I felt disconnected from the experience of today’s college kids. We didn’t have “safe spaces” and “micro-aggression” and “YOLO” when I was in college. So my old ass couldn’t just continue where I left off, even though emotionally I still feel like I am a teenager.

This caused me to reflect on the direction of my abandoned comic. I re-read Something Positive and noticed that the characters also aged in real time, so perhaps I could just pick up Amy’s story line as someone chronologically an adult, but struggling to meet the traditional milestones expected. And I had some experience to draw on! I started my career and married later than my peers, so I often felt like an impostor. I still do…hence the term….”Adulting”…behaving like an adult, but not feeling like one.

How much are the comic and characters based on your life?

The comic is representative of my experiences, so some of the characters are based off of friends and family members. But it’s not an apples to apples comparison.

While there are some commonalities between Amy and myself, our personalities, appearances, and life experiences are not identical. Otherwise I’d call the comic “Adulting L.C.” and that just sounds lame…

How often do you post?

I post every other Sunday.

How do you make the comics?

I use Clip Studio Paint to illustrate, then I use Adobe Illustrator to lay out each panel and add the text.