Super excited to do this crossover guest comic to celebrate my colleague Jenn and her 20 year anniversary of making her comic Adventures of Lollipop (, an adorable educational comic featuring a girl named Lollipop and her friends who who go on adventures to expand their horizons though through learning different cultures, notable people, and and interesting places.

When Jenn asked me to do the guest art for her 20 year anniversary, I was really excited, and we started brainstorming different ideas to have Lollipop meet Amy. There was a lot of content to try and fit on one comic page, so I am sure it feels like a Family Guy episode.

I decided to do a 2001 and wanting to reminisce on the nostalgia of the year (before 9/11 haha). It was really hard to find lots of really cool facts from the year that were not negative. A lot of bad things happened during that year, but it was quite a good year for music and movies.

The reference to Egypt at the end was not put there randomly – in her first comic, Lollipop took her first adventure to Ancient Egypt. And I had to see if I could find a way to put TJ in the comic :D.

Anyway, go check out her work, and if you have any kids that are elementary school age, or if you are a teacher, her comics are for sale!!!