Losing weight is no fun, but gaining the weight sure is!

This comic was inspired by a “Draw This In Your Style” (DTIYS) by Instagram user @potatoillustrates, which she posted several months ago. The featured dessert is something called a “bingsu”, which is a Korean shaved ice treat. The best comparison I can come up is that it’s like a a creamy snow-cone loaded with tasty toppings.

This dessert holds a special place in my heart. Back in the late 2000’s, my BFF told me about this place called Suno, which may have been the only place you could get bingsu in Atlanta at the time. For two Southern while girls, it was utterly novel and tasty, and we were hooked. Suno was also the first time I ever had boba (bubble tea)…which was also hard to find in the Southern US in the 2000’s. For years, we would drag our friends, boyfriends, family etc. all the way out to Gwinnett so they could experience this awesomeness. In recent years, there have been more places popping up with bingsu and boba on the East Coast, but I will always treasure the memories I’ve had over some Suno <3. The bingsu in this comic features my favorite toppings – strawberries, mochi, and Oreo.