In this comic I introduce a new character – Marnie – who was Amy’s college roommate visiting from Florida. Marnie is very artistically inclined and I had the idea for this character when I was coming up with the comic back in college. I hope to find ways to have Marnie appear in more comics.

This past year I have been working on trying to grow my audience. It has not been easy. When I first started this, I thought all I had to do was just post something online and people would share it, and eventually I would be popular, etc etc…. Turns out, it’s actually very hard to get seen on the Internet. When you see all kinds of artists and comics out there, you no longer feel like a “special snowflake”…

I dedicate this to the people who have been supporting me in this journey, especially at the very beginning. I’m starting to get a small following on Instagram, and the Webcomic Creators Group on Facebook and The Duck have been invaluable communities to help me grow and put out better content.

Also, here is a bonus panel that will be posted on Instagram and eventually Webtoons