Amy has been out of college 10 years, but hasn’t met all the mile-markers of being a certified “adult.” She’s still single, renting, and hasn’t seen a promotion in 5 years. Read More…


TJ is Amy’s floofy cat and an agent of chaos. He’s used to getting by on being cute, but don’t let that adorable exterior fool you – he’s a BAD BOY! Despite all his trouble-making, he’s always there for Amy when she needs him.


Ahmed met Amy in college as an exchange student, and they were both in the same history class. They reconnected after Ahmed moved to Atlanta for a job.


Miranda is Amy’s well-meaning, but slightly nagging, mother. Low-key worries that Amy may move back in with her…


Miguel is Amy’s friend and upstairs neighbor. He works in event planning. He is not afraid to say what he thinks.


Amanda was Amy’s dorm-mate in college who also found herself in Atlanta. She is a stay-at-home mom to two children, Gavin and Gracie. Occasionally calls on Amy to help babysit.


Amy’s friend from law school and recently made partner at a large law firm. Being a successful, educated woman, Sheila has trouble finding men who are not afraid to date her.