For Week 2 of the Books 2 Comics challenge I’m co-hosting, the prompt is to create a comic based on a Sci-Fi or Children’s book. This week’s strip is based on the book Contact by the late Carl Sagan, written in 1985. There was a movie made a decade later with Jodie Foster, which most people are familiar with. This comic also debuts Amy’s father, who unfortunately died in a car accident when she was a young girl.

Contact is Carl Sagan’s vision of what a possible first contact may look like. SETI researchers discover a blueprint to build a machine that can transport humans to an alien world, sent via encoded radio telescope transmissions. As the story builds up and the main character FINALLY gets to meet the “alien”, it turns out to be an image of her father. After a long narrative, we just want to know what aliens actually LOOK like, but Sagan wants to leave it up to our imaginations. So, I decided to do just that…make the alien something simultaneously bizarre and ordinary…and this is what my warped mind came up with.

People really seem to love bacon (at least here in the US), so I had to give a reason as to why the alien did not want to show its true form.