It’s bad enough that social medial algorithms decide what content shows up in your feeds, and the major platforms like Facebook and Twitter are tight-lipped as to how the algorithm decides whether to show you someone’s brunch photo, crappy ad, or whiny baby post. Content creators and influencers (many of whom have incomes that are dependent on business generated from Facebook and Instagram) are constantly testing how to tailor their posts to ensure people see them.

It’s common knowledge that the more likes a post gets, the more likely it is to be seen, but recently there have been rumors circulating around Instagram that algorithms take into account how long a post is viewed, even more many likes it gets.

TJ the cat provides some a tip to get around this that only an asshole cat can provide. Amy may not agree, but if Facebook and Twitter want to play dirty, there is BAD KITTY who has no problem meeting them at their level

Also, I may use Teacher Amy for future posts…