Happy New Year!

To this day, I feel self-conscious getting dressed in public locker rooms. I didn’t want random other women seeing me naked. Then I noticed lots of older women had no problem walking around completely naked. They didn’t care what anyone thought; they were there to live a healthy lifestyle, even if their bodies didn’t depict what our society deems as “healthy”. They weren’t ashamed, and seemed free of all the stupid hang-ups that younger people have. I admire those women, and I dedicate this comic to you!

I had the idea for this strip for a long time, and instead of using just a generic older lady, I decided to feature a hilariously savage grandma from comic I recently started following on Instagram – @psychosuzanne . Suzanne is a total badass who gives zero shits and isn’t afraid to be real. Definitely check out this comic for some raw humor and advice – not for the faint of heart :D.